Raccoons are reconized by their black & white pattern on it's face.Male raccoons may be up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 30 to 40 pounds. Their fur is long and dense with a brown and black striped tail. The tail of raccoons can grow up to 15" inches with 4 -7 stripes on it. You can usually find raccoons on the southern part of Canadian provinces and all over the United States. Raccoons are also known for washing food after they killed it. Raccoons Are usually found in a garbage area of a house or in a cool damp garage looking for something to eat.

Skunks are found in pastures where there are brushes and leaves. They have a black coat with two white stripes down the back and one white stripe on its forehead. The skunk has musk glands that shoot a terrible liquid odor. The skunk stamps its feet and snaps its teeth when he shows aggression. The skunk's defense mechanisim is glands in its rear that will squirt out as far as four meters blinding the enemy. Skunks become a nuisance when they burrow into the ground to find insect larvae. These animals are awful smelling and horrible to have around the neighborhood .


Pigeons carry diseases that are harmful to humans; significantly more than the brown rat. The best known disease passed from bird to man is psittacosis but over forty more diseases can be passed from the feral pigeon to humans. Pigeon droppings pose a significant hazard to pedestrians particularity the elderly because there is potential for slipping on stairways and foot paths on droppings.

Bats pose a minor health risk and uncomfortable lifestyle indoors. bats can be found in attics, porches, barns, etc. They hide in dry corners to roost during the day, and at night they go out to feed. They have been known to carrie such diseases as rabies and histoplamosis. Bats are great hunters when they are outside at night. More than seventy percent of bats eat bugs and small frogs. Guano is a scientific term for bird or bat droppings. Bat droppings are used for fertilizing crops and when extracted can also be used for a laundry ingredient. Bats contribute a great deal to controling insect pests.  
Rattlesnakes are usually found on the western coast of the United States. These snakes pose a serious threat to humans especially children. Baby rattlesnakes are a threat to humans because they release all there venom into anything they bite. The venom of the rattlesnake brakes down cells and tissues, and may cause circulatory arrest and respitory paralysis. Rattlers have heat seeking pits located under the nostril that are used for tracking there victims at night.  
Squirrels become a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. Squirrels are attracted to vegetation such as gardens, trees and bird feeders. When in search for food, squirrels can do a great amount of damage. Indoor damage could be excessive also. The Average male mates with a female squirrel twice a year. A female squirrel usually has five babies in her lifetime. That's why the're are so overpopulated in many places. Squirrels invade your home by crawling down your chimney and running a muck in your home. These rodents can chew piping and wiring in your house and really do serious damage. Squirrels usually flee to the basement or attic to raise their families.